Tuesday morning joy and gratitude ❤️

Mornin’ there sugars!

I started this week off much better than the last one. Started it with laughter and damn – such a good super absolutely mega extraordinary (does this phrase Even exist?! 🤩🤪🙄🤥). Yesterday i had another exam (which ended up pretty cool i would Say of course) So this cuts them off At 3 more left. Today i Shall get the results from the one from last friday – not Excited – not Excited At all. Although somehow this exam session is eagerly wanted to come to an end… somehow i am not sure i want it to do So anymore. I liked staying here, all by myself, with all these new cool amazing and bright people … seeing and talking to them almost daily, seeing my neighbours – which i didn’ t Even get to meet entirely, But surely still love seeing them in the morning, when i go out, when i am on the balcony, when it’s night and we intersect our paths either for the cold Breeze (which is actually warm But cold sounded more poetic), either for a cig, either for a cup of hot chocolate or .. wine .. not?! 🤔😂 .. 🤧

I will miss Even the crowded space At the metro. I was thinking about staying here for the holiday too, But i can’t entirely. So you see.. i will (like all my colleagues of course) leave this beautiful city just for a month or So, But still – i feel like that month will last a lifetime. You know, people (Even i do sometimes) always get So astonished with the fastness time passes by, yet ask yourself this: would you like it if it passed damn hard, making you feel every bit of it harshly? I wouldn’t. Even tho’ i will be missing just for that Short period, we will all still keep in touch and of course plan our holiday together!! Did y think we wouldn’t? Haha. xD yet, NexT year i won’t be staying here anymore – i guess, yet, it’s quite certain i won’t, i Said So at the beginning of the year, Even before starting this journey. I don’t like staying too Long in one place. Funny – as i will be a doctor supposedly.. 😷 yet, here, i Felt like it really was my home, and of course i liked it. But hey, let’s leave out the melancholy and turn it into something nicer!

I have to Say that . . . .

I will miss seeing my new partners in crime So often, But this Short distance (Both the road and our frenemy, the time) will for sure strenghten our relationship.

I will regret not learning on time for some exams, probably starting after the moment i will receive my results today, But i will still be glad for all that i accomplished and happy to do much better. And don’t forget – never miss an opportunity!

I will miss seeing a few people around here where i live now. It was Pleasant to meet new ones and to just briefly with others. I didn’t get to know some of them as i wished, But maybe we’ll meet soon At the university.

And the most important thing . . . .

I came to the conclusion that we do have a word to Say, a life to put to a test. Our actions matter. Although, maybe not all the time and maybe not all of us wonder what is the reason behind all this, yet something big is behind this, thus, our actions stand parallel towards the destiny and God’s will. So, if something is destined to happen, you may to hinder it, yet it will still happen. So have faith, be you, be good, be original aaandd…

Hope Dream Wait


Zoe xD


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