Sunday mood ❤️

So it literally is SUNday, because the sun has finally made His appearance back again after – feeling like – ages.

Here i present you my Little Crib and yes that is a blanket indeed, as i always – almost – Carry it with me when i study. And upper, you can see my well known Cinnamon and whipped cream goodie.

And then as you can see, as well, that Amazing chocolate Candy box – supposed to bring my cells the glucose they need to help me study well – is now this final week’s companion. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Also, i am feeling better, don’t know if it is because i saw that these chocolate have elephant shaped ones too or the fact that the sun is back shining, But suddenly my future seems brighter as before haha. So, giddy up you all!!

🌈🌈 also i have to make a point and set an alarm regarding the elephant ban that the ‘amazing’ president mr Trump has reversed. How does that make us feel? And React also? … ❤️🐘

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