First day At the hospital ❤️

Finally –

The adequate word to describe the feeling.

After long walks and talks i finally got myself into the psychiatry domain. Hope i made a good impression – the universal after thought i always have no matter what i do – the staff was incredibly nice. And i have to Say this. I love those days when time passes So quick and lovely that i don’t have time to think about food, peeing, beverages or Even about time itself!

Also, i have to brag myself (a Little) because today i started a pacient on an IV – yes, it was a first, But not the last! Thus, i will not – as expected – take full credits, maybe about 40-50%, as an assistant was there to guide and help me! But i am happy that i did this for my first day and not only! Looking forward to improving or At the minimum least keep it this way! Wish me Luck, and alsooo i Shall leave this here

Source: @physician_assistants @ Instagram

Oh and about the food part!

Got home and made me this ..

Recipe: avocado (bought in a hurry to foodlandbutsurprisenokeysland when coming from the hospital), rye bread and unbelievably – a boiled egg and a fried one or So i call it, because i somehow fried it just i did it in water – AND yes i sometimes DO Eat animal products. Thank you to my Amazing friend who reminded me about this great meal and for talking to me this morning when i was getting a Little stuck in the crowded Waiting room! ❤️

Not sure if it was the hunger that reached me when Entering the home after realizing i forgot my keys and Waiting for somebody to get here and unlock the door for me (So extra Waiting time) thus turning into hangry Zoe or simply the fact that this was the best meal haha.


Sneak peek

PS: thank you very much also, to the assistant that was nice enough to empty His locker for me to enjoy it while practicing here! So yas yay basically i also got a locker too in the changing room ❤️❤️😇

Now, i am falling into the dream zone.

Take care,

Zoe xD

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