Good morning ❤️


Good morning, sugars! Well, it’s actually already past 12pm, So not morning anymore. But today – finally – i spent more time in the bed, cus i was alone and i didn’t go to the hospital today, cus part of the staff working there has left – some for a week, some for a few days – and i took the Weekend off too, So i allowed myself to be lazy a Little more – therefore, i hope that it’s sunny where everyone has left for their days off, and i hope that it will rain here, cus it’s really hot.

Then, after finally Managing to get up, cuz one of my besties called me to talk and to Tell me some things, But eventually he told me he would finish the story later on, cus i wanted to the bathroom and he had to take care a lil of the vacuum cleaner haha y know, Weekend housework. So, after talking on the phone, i got up – officially this time – put some coconut oil on my hair and made my self this Amazing brunch ❤️🥑😍👏🏼😇

Corn, rye bread (one slice), orange juice (bought not home-made), one half of vegan sausage, a clove of garlic, one half of avocado, two eggs – one fried (without oil) and one boiled, although i sometimes either: 1) don’t Eat eggs 2) either i Eat only one 3) i usually make it poached, not fried, But my pal on the phone gave me the idea So i Said i Shall try this for today’s breakfast

Now, i Shall leave you, told my story for today and gave you a nice recipe, hope you will enjoy it as much as i did! And for the no oil fried egg, just put a lid on the NON stick pan, and leave them with a medium heat. For the boiled egg (2 mins if you want it soft, 3-4 else)

By the way, as i finish writing this, a thunder has made His presence Felt and then God sent the rain, thanks a lot! Enjoy your Weekend, sugars! Eat healthy, Cruelty free, hydrate, study, take long walks and don’t forget to make your doctor appointments! 😇

Take care,

Zoe xD

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