Balea ❤️

Back with a new fav thing of mine and maybe a good tip for you. Last night after the movie (been to mamma mia 2 – loved this one too) i been to dm – couldn’t visit the mall without going there too – best prices, best products for vegan (from the places more accesible to my home) etc. And here i always run into balea products.

Sooo, now i have bought two animal print masks and a black one – although i am not a big fan of it But i do try it from time to time. And also i sometimes But those bands for black spots, too. And yes, after i finaaally managed to Find the right way to use them, yes i can Say that they really work.

aaaand about the movie .. lovely ending – as you would expect from a musical. Loved the actors, especially Amanda and Colin. And of course that Meryl’s Little part (as we aren’t used too) was touchy enough to put a mark on it.

As for today, well, it did rain a lot! But it was So pleasant! Hope that it didn’t rain all over the country like this, cus i think about my pals who are out there already ‘cruising’ and i hope they are having a good time, enough to come back with more work power, fresh thoughts and peace of mind 💪🏽💪🏽

Good Luck on the last week of July, an eclipse is on the way,

Take care.

Zoe xD

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