Better humans + better food ❤️

🔜 in other words, better food for better humans haha xD

Today i was free from the hospital again, i thought this week i would do different than the last one, meaning that instead of doing day after day, i would leave a day off and then go back. Flexibility is nice! So, today, after suffering from anemia, for over two years, i finally made the treatment (B vit, C vit – good for Fe absorbtion and of course Fe) and now i am anemia free and i FINALLY MADE IT – i donated blood! ❤️

And i convinced my Mom into it too! And after her telling the story to one of her colleagues guess what! She joined us too haha xD

So, the conclusion? Donate, whether you do it for somebody you know, whether you do it simply because you want to do it! You will feel So good after that, i promise! This, and then .. take supplements! You don’t need to have a prescription filled. They are good for your organism! Vitamins, minerals especially! Hydrate, drink liquids! Take care of yourself, for you, So you will be able to take care of others too! 😇🔝

That is a peach. Half of it. The other half is in pieces inside the cream – which by the way is made of mascarpone, amaretto ❤️ and (vegetal) whipped cream! And those Little ‘ones’ are somewhat cookies, or you can Even add ladyfingers, But those may absorb the cream faster and it may not Look this fancy.
And as for the food! Here is our delish treat! After donating, my mom’s friend went her way. And us, we went our way – to a dear aunt, who is always down for stories and great treats! So happy that kind of all the ladies in my fam know how to cook delish foods – which is good for a foodie like me! Oh and no worries! Before the sweet Snack over here, we ate some Amazing fish burgers! And as she was prep’ing the meals, we have been left in the sigur of other companions 😸🙀😺