Monday? No, thanks ❤️

Hello there, sugars! Yas, it may be monday today. Yet .. friday night and saturday night were a nit sleepless for me, as i (eagerly, volunteerly, happily) spent them At the hospital in 12h shifts!

Also … did i mention that yesterday i celebrated my birthday and that it actually started At the hospital as i stood there 12h? ❤️ i Felt like doing it to prove myself how dedicated i am and i swear i loved the fact that the day of my birth started so, as i am going to spend my life doing it, now i know i’m lovin’it! ❤️

I did see interesting medical urgencies, two of which required hospitalization. I loved spending time with the people At the hospital (Both the staff and the patients) and i am happy that some of them (patients) remembered me and asked me to come again. I will surely miss this place. But hopefully i will do come back! Also, i hope that i wasn’t a pain in the **s for the people working there either, But i guess not, as everybody was So incredibly nice and again – i hope that this is how it will be until my last day – no, better Said, until the end. Haha xD

As for the relax monday part, recommendation: vegan hot dog (bread, ketchup, soy sausages) AND citrus anime. Don’t know how, But i loved watching this one and darling in the frankxx! Enjoy ❤️💚

Take care,

Zoe xD

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