Super-easy-to-make-but-definitely-easier-to-intake ❤️

Hello there, sugars!

This morning i woke up really hungry … and thought i would Eat something similar to yesterday’s tortilla, when, opening the fridge, i remember i have bought some avocado that was on sale. So! Here are my super-easy-to-make-but-definitely-easier-to-intake 2 ways for tortilla!


  • One pita
  • Garlic sauce/ topping
  • Salmon
  • Cucumber/ 🥒 오이
  • Ketchup for the funneh face ❤️

So. After putting the ingredients as shown above, then you gather the pita as you would make a tortilla, from side to side then, Block it (through the inside) and you can leave it free on the other hand, i didn’t here cus i wanted it uniform So i could then draw the face too.


  • One pita 🌮
  • Salmon 🍣
  • Avocado (1 or half) 🥑🥑🥑
  • Parsley 🥙🥗
  • Garlic 🥟🌯🌯🌯🥟

Put the salmon on the pita, as upper (1). Then, in a Bowl, mix the avocado – which i hope you will Find as fresh as i did this time!!! 💚💚💚🥑 (and then Even those who aren’t quite fans Shall love ITS texture and creamy taste) – with cut parsley and garlic. Then your sauce is ready – i ate half before adding it to the sandwich 🥪 😂

Hope you will enjoy my ideas! Bon appetit!

Take care,

Zoe xD

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