I have completely no idea what title to give this post ❤️

Hello there, sugars! For a start

I am incredibly happy to finally, eventually, let you know that i survived all those exams and have started another busy, But beautiful year At the med School.

I have been So busy and when i wasn’t busy time flew Fast, i was tired and had no inspiration whatsoever. So i really didn’t want to bother you.

Truth is … not Even right now as i am writing this post, did inspiration strike me. But i decided to post anyway, as i am sleepy But not in the mood to sleep – you know. Oh well. Hope i will get some good sleep this Weekend though. And also get some time to clear my thoughts a Little more and a Little much more better hopefully.
So many yet So Little things happened, happen and continue to, too. But in a nutshell …. i really just want to Tell you some main ideas that i learned and keep learning day by day. Positivity leading our way, let’s bring it on.
  1. Truth finally made ITS appearance. And So it comes. No matter how much we try to make or unmake something to happen, it will Find ITS way. If it is meant to be, then it will sure be. Sooner or later. So sometimes that saying go with the flow doesn’t always necessarily mean to go with the flow and just do things in a haotic way, But maybe it Could mean that sometimes you just have to deal with things in a certain way and accept what you can’t change – of course, as long as it isn’t something really Bad and affecting others too. In this case, than i believe that is our duty as citizens in this world to help to achieve an improved world.
  2. If you want something, if you really do, you might actually discover some ways that will help you get to it.
  3. Sometimes, when people are scared of something, others come and make their presence helpful, while many others may come and take joy into enlarging someone’s fear. What to do? Transform your fear into fury – this is something one of my professors said, and truth being told …. it is quite a good method to cope for people in that situation.
  4. When you think you are better off alone, you will Find people who make you believe again. You just have to believe in yourself first. And this was, is, will be the first and the biggest step of them all.