Water and …. water ❤️

So! A few days ago, maybe a Week or So, after classes i been to this super lovely shop – from pepkor, a polish brand i think. And i found a super convenient – definitely a bargain this time – Bath box.

I present you my new Bath Sponge! And.. i was eager to get home to take a shower today! And after that, i saw i had a couple of new mails, one from water.org

So i Said – why not donate?

So after water, comes water!

Don’t you think i donated a lot, nope, a Little actually. But my point is every Little step is actually getting bigger and every big step is taking you somewhere. So don’t easter time. And if you did waste time anyway – don’t waste more feeling sorry for it. If something is meant to be – it will be.

Just be positive and get off of your bed and do something!