Blooming around the world on St. Patrick’s❤️

I can not truly believe how long i went by not posting anything here. Truth is i honestly had no more good enough ideas and when i did have them, i had no time or energy to put them into the right words for you, guys – or anyone happening to stop by for a glance.

So, i finally took the courage, told myself to giddy up and here i am! with just a quick fresh thought, bloomy vibes and lovely photos taken recently of people that crossed my sight, simply enjoying their life at their – seemingly – best.

– to feed or not to feed the lovely birds? that is the question –

every single time i come across this kind of nice elder people, i ask myself: where they as nice as they seem now earlier in their lives? why aren’t they grumpy as other “leprechaun” (irish ref.) tho? will they get to a point where they will feel and act tired and obnoxious too? –

thought of this bloomy sunday:

i don t understand why people ignore you when you are so sad that you can t even hide it and look really distracted but without putting others down through your negativity or else. i have never willingly ignored somebody who needed even the slightest amount of support, yet i got ignored even by closest ones when there was clearly something going on. i just don t understand why people seem to avoid or dislike it when people are sad and in need of support. i am able to do everything on my own it is not like i am going to ask anyone to give their life or so, but just from time to time, showing that you care isn t going to kill you, good god. i get it that money, beauty, happiness, fakeness are more important to the standard norm, but a person being sad isn t affecting you directly. not all people who are sad are about to dump their negativity on others. and even if they were, until then, how are you going to justify your attitude? when did being human go out of style? so all i want from you, honestly is to tell me how a person being sad affects others and why do people choose being bad or rude instead of helping the odd ones?

♕ Say what you wanna say ♔

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