Approaching – march 22 ❤️

okay so, quickly out and about, but on my way to letting you know about this mail i just happened to receive!

22 march – world water day

so please, be kind enough to make an unique donation. don’t imagine i donated a large amount. no. i barely donated the price of a meal. but a few from me, a little from you, small steps and one step at a time.

i always tend to share these kinds of posts on messenger stories on facebook, because i don’t use snapchat or instagram anymore. but then i remember the fact that i have lots of people that follow me and know me and frequent the same places as me, every. single. day.

and my principles – even tho i and only i truly know about them – don’t agree and let me brag about or talk about donations or good deeds more than one should.

there would be this one way where i would just simply share it and pose as those influencers wannabe

or another one where i would openly say the fact and pose it as an example from me towards others and there really is no need for some act like that as i have no clue if anyone of my acquaintances actually may or may not be doing the same as me – donating little by little, to causes they care about.


the main fact why “we” gathered here is to simply remind you about and about the good deeds we can truly and really do together with small steps at a time.

bisous #Zoe

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