Wednesday, what’s new? ♥

Hi there dear sugars! ☺
I know there has been so so long since i posted last time, so long that sometimes i even feel like i imagined having a blog and those times when i do realize that i actually have a blog, i try to remember what was my last post about and i fail heroically. I feel like when it comes to my blog i have been irresponsible. And i dislike that as a matter of fact. Usually when i get on with something, i tend to be quite responsible. 

I actually noticed that thing about me. When it comes to something or someone related to me, i always try to do my best or at least so and find it hard to say no. But when it comes directly to me, things change. I don’t always feel like that urge to do something and i usually feel something really powerful at the last minute. I tend to go with the flow. Meaning that if i am meant to do something and you find me in my good mood and somehow i get hot under the collar, you know, well you can’t stop me then, not even if you tried. So i suggest you don’t. 

Well, this is pretty much my belief. If something is meant to be, no matter how much you’d or i’d try and stop that, the way will sooner or later be found. So this is a lesson i have lately learned. And i suggest you learn it too, the sooner, the better. That doesn’t mean you can’t try sometimes if it is for a good cause, but believe me, sometimes, even when you try to do something good, you may find yourself in the situation where you are the “not so good” element.

Now, another lesson i should take into consideration some more
before maybe finally achieving the moment where i would put it into action also – lesson for us, the hypersensitive ones should really really understand and apply, a little sooner than the moment when our hearts get a little more deeper into a sea of fear, sadness, confusion or lust.

Sometimes, the right thing may come a little harder than we would wish it would. And that is not… so okay. But it is okay for us to feel not okay. You can’t always put up with people’s moods or expectations and you can’t always fake it because we shouldn’t, in fact. A bad day is just there around the corner and it shall leave as soon as we are ready to open our eyes to the goodness around, willingly. 

And guess what. Another important thing is to not take it personally too much or too often and not stress over it. Not everybody judges and not everybody judges so harsh, even if at times, it seems so. Most times, therefore, we have this innate, subconscious tendency to see in others the bad, that would also happen to correlate with the defects we see and dislike so much in us. But this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes we just see things. And it is okay. It really is. Just don’t let yourself be bothered too much. Always remember, as long as your facts and actions don’t do harm, there is no harm, thus, in you doing them. Do what you feel, how you feel and try to confide in yourself some more. Because, at the end of the day, you will have the recompense, best of them all, the knowledge that you can.

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