Wednesday Wisdom ♥

Okay, so hey there, sugars! Today was such a tiring day. It is not usually like that, but today i changed my schedule a little and also, had to do a bunch of pretty much petty stuff – nothing too much of a big deal and the weather was apocaliptic as i like to call it, meaning that it did not rain, there was no sun, no nothing, but the wind blew heavily enough and the sky was dreary, meh -hope your day, in a nutshell – the first one for today`s, wasn`t as tiring as mine was, although i did not seem to show, internly it felt devastating, so devastating that i even slept a couple of hours after i reached home and so devastating that right now as i was watching some series a friend recommended, i felt like i had to stop and post my thoughts on here, because i feel like an old lady whom will forget her ideas as soon as she can`t express them. SO basically, all this tiredness kept bringing so many ideas in my head and here i am, sharing them with you, before exploding, literally.

First things first, i feel like apologizing to whomever i annoyed today with my recalcitrant attitude, although i am well aware that they probably won`t see this, but i do not really need to make it more obvious than i already did it to them today – that i was being sorry – but rather put in on “paper”, just for my sake. Sometimes, people making things pretty much TOO obvious make me irritated so i try not to make that, although, again, i am well aware, that… i do. We don`t always have to just stick it into other people`s eyes. We have to make things in a good way, for our spirit, ourselves, our fellows, our principles, the whole world and everything that was and shall be, our beliefs and, so on.

Seconds. To avoid putting a shade on me, because, nobody wants to be fully blamed, vulnerable, not even acclaimed, i`d say, i will say that i am grateful i have the kind effect on people of making them trust in me and spill things – that bother or hurt them or even worry them the littlest – out and move over to finding a solution, even if it`s just a temporary one. I always encounter people who tell me themselves that they are glad that they can talk so openly to me. Probably that is an (infp maybe) or better said empath powerful trait. I wish i could do the same, but then, i remember that i talk so much and have so many ideas to share, yet, i say so little, despite all the glowy appearance all along. Listen and try not to judge, even if for a couple of seconds. ☺ Most times, those who seem the weirdest, quirkiest and the list can go on so far ahead, are actually, those who beat the basic, the cruel standard, the dreadful cliches and all in between anything the so called limits of this -whateverlicious- world. ☺

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