Beautiful unknown weird people ♥

Sunday ♥ -morning, still-

This week has started okeish in the first hours, continued dreaduflly horribly terrifying awfully and has all the chances to end up better than the first hours, guess what! This is how a week in a weird person’s life goes, oh and that is me! But just on the weird part, on the other two i will tell you some beautiful stories, as we shall continue. 
Tuesday and Wednesday literally took pretty much the whole life left of me. And then comes Thursday, when my boyfriend got me out of the house for a short while, thing i am really thankful for, i love fresh air and i literally suggest you get it whenever, wherever -well, so much for that wherever, cuz with all the pollut ion and shitty energetic people, that is not so easy, but you get me. And on Friday, we took a long long walk through one of the nicest parks around and then another long walk on our way home -well, less than an hour in fact- anyway, as we sat on a bench at some moment to watch some crazy horror pranks that i totally go crazy for, we were approached by this beautiful unknown weird lady, who was drawing cartoons and caricatures and whom had this crazy dark humour -or how a med student should say, HuMeRuS- asking us if we liked to purchase any of her cards and of course we were. Then she told us a little about the fact that she used to paint also, in her earlier life and then i felt the need to ask her if she had a page somewhere where people could see and share her work. And then it made me sad a little, cuz she told us that she used to post them, but people would steal her work which eventually made her stop posting them and just share them in person through different places. One of the places i recall her mentioning was, obviously, the park we were in and another, Energetica. 
I felt that she was really bright and clever, but somehow sickened of all this wrongfully happening things all around the world and somehow with her guard up, making me a bit hard to get myself any closer to her than we just had. I hope that she will eventually have the recognition she deserves and truly needs for her dark HuMeRuS and that goes the same for all the artists and talented and deep people out there. Moving on to the next one!
Yesterday. To keep you from getting bored, i will get straight to the point. I ran into this beautiful amazing old soul, who at first, caught my eye with an amazing flower tattoo -tattoos that could never have a shot at attracting me anyhow as they look pretty common to me and without a signifcant real story behind other than the desire to get a pretty tattoo, which is not a good or a bad things, either. But her tattoo was different -thing i have also made sure to mention to her too and to make a parallel with the other brilliant lady, with her i felt like i could get closer, as it somehow felt that we were sharing the same beliefs somehow. SO here it goes, another artist, but this one has started much later, but from an early burning desire, that eventually came true. Pink hair, deep eyes and a pretty talkative tattoo that showed a story to those willing to see further. Unfortunately, neither did this lady have a page to show her work, as she was only at the beginning. 
SO, what amazing beautiful unknown weird soul will i meet with today? ♥ 

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