Wake up, seriously ❤️

Sometimes it gets harder to put that little red cute heart over there in the title, but i keep doing that as a signature and also, to remind about the love surrounding and the peace and well, pretty much all we leave behind alongside the humanity within us.

how can we be human? what is the essence of humanity whatsoever? why are we here?

okay, maybe it doesn’t matter and we just are, but if so, why are we destroying everything so cruelly and rapidly?

i do not really remember if i have ever mentioned it here sugars, about the deforestation in Papua, deforestation for which 4 oil companies (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil member HSA group) are responsible.



two of the most plastic polluting companies

Pepsi Cola


These four may be very big and important companies, but that doesn’t mean that excess is allowed. And we always make that mistake. When someone or something is suddenly big and important we let it become snobby, desgusting, bad and so on, just because … BECAUSE WHAT?? How can this be an excluse? This shall be the motivation to set an example good to be followed. Not else. We all make mistakes. For sure. But once WE realize it why don’t we go back on the right track (assuming the good here) as we should? What does bad, excessive badness, reckon?

Mistakes are allowed do not get me wrong, but how many until the bitter end?

Recently, i have discovered, recently meaning today in fact, that Unilever is about to be taking over a local business which indeed – i was using, not often, not rare, but using. Nearby, a new Carrefour has opened. A little one. And i was happy because they had a shelf where this local company had their products all over. Well guess what. Not happy anymore. I may seem subjective, i may also be as well, even tough i had an issue deep in my heart with this wrongdoing a while ago, but now i felt like rising this issue with you, right now, right here.

Oh! And the harvest part is that mars, pepsico have quite their range of products. But Nestle and especially, Unilever, have a super wide range, their products are like an extra variety whatsoever and everywhere you turn your head slightly or rapidly there you go! Another Unilever tag! I don’t say to stop consuming, cause their ubiquity makes it damn hard. I just say it is up to us.

What now?

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