Just a kind reminder before Christmas ♥

Hallo, sugars! Long time no see/ post and yes, that is entirely on me! Anyway, i can’t help but think that anyway, no one may be reading this, but i feel like posting whatsoever, you never know who is about to stumble upon this post, just a few days before Christmas. I don’t know about you, but i love giving presents. Receiving is fun too, yeah yeah, won’t deny it, but giving just GIVES me energy! Well, this is what gives me energy, one of the things. For you, it might be something else. OR this too. Also, writing gives me energy and also takes the extra one from inside out. As when i have a bigger carriage than i can endure, writing solves it all. For you, might be a cup of tea, a cuddle with a dear one, a long walk through the woods, a bublle bath at the scent and light of the candles.
  • the smell of cinnamon
  • the smell of hot chocolate
  • the touch of a whipped cream moustache on your face
  • the look in somebody’s eyes when you get them the right present
  • the feeling when the sun is shining
  • the feeling you get when you feel a deep connection
And this list can go on. But what if,


that blissful feeling, is far awar from us, on its way, but still not seeming to come sooner?

What if you are sure over something, but doubts come upon you like a heavy cloud and you feel the chilly vibe just before the rain and you remember then that your umbrella is at home, on the table, near the chocolate you ate before leaving, reason why you left your umbrella there too, and then comes another doubt that you may have eaten a little bit too much chocolate, reason why you feel like the jeans are tighter today than usually, thing that may be against you running when the rain may fall and ruin your hair or make your glasses all dirty? 
Will you go all in for your guts? Fall for the crumbling doubts? Maybe you did indeed overreact over something. Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you are, now, overthinking over what should be your forgotten confidence.

Make yourself a gift this Christmas. Let it be special, as you are. Take a chance on releasing the crumbling pain in your chest. Have faith. Stop overreacting and overthinking. Believe in your guts. Just be you. Gotta be you. Allow yourself to smile, feel the magic, believe in the deep vibe you get. Believe in your truth, because that is enough. Be good and be good to yourself too. Don’t go finding excuses when there is no need to. The action is the one that remains, after all. So what is not good, let it go. And may what is right, remain with you.


Remember that there is a side to everything. And just a tiny thing can always make a difference. Take lonely and lovely. Just one letter appart, seemingly, but much more.


“When you feel like there is no way out, love is the only way.”


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