The week between years ♥

Hello hello. Ready for the next round of music, too much food and celebration? Or so.

I really don’t care about the new year’s superstitions this time, as I am happy to let the wheel of life take its cycles step by step, instead of taking into consideration any sort of useless thinking. Besides what I am doing anyway all day + my daydreaming + procaffeinating and well, staying behind with my tasks, but that is okay, all i need is some boost for the energy lack and things will get out of the stagnation zone into the let’s get this done with! Only if i could pull out that 11:11 wish for everything to be okay, anyway, let the life wheel roll!

Not sure when I will post again before the New year’s eve – but, if i will, it will probably either be music for the mind, either be a random thought post triggered by anything happened out of nowhere – and if you knew me, you’d know how my life in general, but especially in the last half of the year has been nothing but a movie theme carousel, with its ups and downs, but ending each time in a state of fun! ☺☻

So. This is going to be just one of my random posts with random recommendations and if i will have the energy to keep the tab opened and the deck close, I might as well post another random thing – that being a quick spread for 2021 and what the potential future has in store for us, for now, at least.

  1. Pleasant sound for the first day of the last week, peachy song of the week

2. Game recommendations. Not that I would be a gamer, I am not, I wish I was, not sure why, but it seems fun. Random fact about me that you probably will find as irrelevant as I do: when I was younger, like even just a few years back, I absolutely didn’t understand the point of shooter games>>>now I think some of us should be thankful for them, as they might actually help with the distraction quite a lot. Does this make any sense? Anyway. Here are my recommendations:

  • Business tour, on steam
  • 4story – this is the childhood game of one of my dear pals
  • LOL – not sure if I should recommend the game or the soundtrack they have, which is totally sick and I am so in love with it
  • Cyberpunk
  • Sims – don’t have a cool life right now? you can have it here, don’t worry. or die in a sudden fire. or be revived. or get married to a vampire if you’re a twilight or a interview with a vampire fan.

3. Series (you can find all these on netflix, maybe some place else, but netflix for sure)

  • Trapped and The Valhalla murders, yes I am nordic obsessed now!!
  • Hjem til jul (norsk) and Karlek och Anarki (svenska), nordic obsession part two, freshly baked for you!! Feel honoured, please..
  • The trials of Gabriel Hernandez and Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy rich, both recommended by cousins of mine, if you’re the thriller or crime kind ♥♥♥
  • When calls the heart – my neighour’s recommendation, it’s the warm type of little fluffy thing that kind of warms a cold heart

4. Further music recommendations, if it wasn’t already enough as it is, also, you might want to check out my latest posts as all the recent overthinking wannabe goes right into good vibes songs.

  • League of Legends soundtrack, back at it
  • Glass animals + remixes
  • Shakur Ahmad remixes
  • Buena vista social club – from a lovely person I “worked” with a while ago and that was interested in occult stuff as well as logical things and that was not yet insane ♥
  • Skott and Timbuktu, again, back to the nordic part
  • (✌゚∀゚)☞ EL BUHO

5. Food

Gingerbread with oranges as a sidedish. No, not gingerbread with orange flavour. This is a recommendation from the sweet human being (human indeed) mentioned in my penultimate post. And I did try the combo, skeptical, but the outcome >>> ♥

+ anything with french fries. or jellies. or cinnamon.

Also. CARDAMOM ♣ Elettaria cardamomum, considered an oriental aphrodisiac ♣

6. Random interesting stuff before the spread and before me giving you a well deserved break ♠♥

this one is in my watch later for a while now, you might watch it before I do, hope it’s fun. I’ll stick to Duolingo in the meantime.
also in my short watch later playlist ♠♥
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January – The sun ♥

This is a gentle reminder for us to know that positivity is just beyong the corner and there is not better moment for us to open the windows of our hearts and welcome it than the beginning of the year.

February – Knight of cups ♥

News are on their way. Might it be some romantic gestures we are waiting for? It could be, as the Valentine’s day is near.

March – King of rods ♥

Spring is blossoming and so might any of us be, standing strong with our confidence not shaken in any way, recognizing our true place into the world.

April – Strength & Page of pentacles ♥

Pulled two by mistake, didn’t want to put any of them back, take what resonates, as more professional readers would say. What I want to say about this one.. April somehow, felt like the major changing point of the year. So, pulling two cards was just in time for the spread. I don’t know which would be your challenging month of the year, but if it’s not April, I bet it’s any other “blossoming” other one. Change is good, change is change, our attitude may help in defining it. The strength card represents, as the name itself shows us, power, influence, determination, passion. The page of pentacles is the young energy, the one who is grounded and looking forward to learning things. New things. Materialistic or study related maybe. These two combined show desire, compassion, ambition and courage, but there is also a need of diligence into the matter. To have power does not mean to exercise it just to flex it, but to in power over the power itself. ♠♥

May – Eight of pentacles ♥

Coming after the page of pentacles, the need and desire to learn are emphasized once more. Money come and go and there will be ups and downs for sure, more or less. Don’t get attached to things. Get attached to skills and developing them. Get the strength you need from within.

June – Four of swords ♥

If something eventually happens in the spring, this is the card of resting and healing. Meditate before taking into consideration another task, don’t overwork yourself, especially if you are giving too much energy without feeling any kind of pleasure. Either if it comes in the form of appreciation or just the pleasure of having done something you felt like doing for your soul or for the wellness of others, pleasure is needed so that motivation stays. If not, healing and resting are to be taken into further consideration. It’s the beginning of summer, so maybe a voyage to Hawaii?

July – The chariot ♥

Will, determination, determination and strength again. Rapid movement towards what success means for any of us. Life is showing its cycles, but we have to also take action and move forward towards our wishes in order for them to come true. Don’t wait too long. But don’t go jumping to conclusions, either.

August – Ace of cups ♥

Aces are all about new beginnings. And at the beginning of the year’s spread, there was the knight of cups. Now, the ace. Maybe there will be a new relationship. Whether you expected it or not. Follow your intuition, your heart and your mind, and if you can somehow mix them all and make an effort for yourself to keep a balance, then it will be better for you, and for those around you, also.

September – Ace of swords ♥

Okay, so, another ace. Us, as beings on this earth, have constantly reinvented ourselves. But after this interesting year, the upcoming one seems to be quite promising. The ace of swords is representing the beginning of new ideas itself. It is a sign of mental clarity, mind and intellect. And as I was just writing about the ace of cups and combining both the mind and the heart, here it comes, living proof that this is what we must make and effort for.

October – Four of pentacles & Page of cups ♥

I had to keep on shuffling the deck, because I lost my concentration half way and these two came like flying practically towards the other cards of the spread. The four of pentacles represents frugality, conservation, but not in the best way. Here’s the thing: it is awesome if saving money is a goal and if it works out well, but sometimes, being so attached to something, can only cause some damage in the end. If saving money is the ultimate goal and there is nothing else seen clearly besides it, not that it won’t work, but it will also prevent the moving towards anything else, especially towards the seemingly creative new opportunity the page of cups brings into the picture. The young energy is filled with creativity that only when “opened” will be fulfilled.

November – King of pentacles & Three of pentacles ♥

I pulled two on purpose this time. And I did good, the three of pentacles completes the eight of pentacles perfectly. The experienced and the one willing to learn new skills and improve them. The king of pentacles speaks about security and financial gain. Make sure to be able and determined to use the best of each skill and use self-discipline to mantain the material gains.

December – Ten of rods ♥

This one speaks about burden. Whether it is something physical or more at an energetical level, the destination is close, and soon the burden will be released and the soul at ease. It shows extra responsibility, hard work, which never come without leaving the need of a break. Feelings of being burn-out. Maybe it’s not just extra hard work, but something else, something that doesn’t seem as good as in the beginning, something that leaves a bitter taste and a need of releasing and revitalization.

Overall: It seems like a truly optimistic spread to me and to my tarot experience so far, which is not the widest, I am more like an eight of pentacles, rather than being too experienced on the matter. The energies can however change, but I was just trying to make it all be as motivational as it can be. I am still not sure if it was my manifestation when shuffling the deck and pulling these cards, willing to be as cheery and inspirational for the next year as possible, or if the potential as it was shown really is what is in the future store for us. However, energies can change. And so do our attitudes.

It’s all in the perspective.

So what’s it gonna be?

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