Difference: born or bred? ♥

It’s hard to remain good, kind and silent when you feel injustice, cruelty, pain. It’s hard not to judge, when you have been and still are and will be judged. Maybe it’s hard to let it go and make it easy, as all the adrenaline would be gone and there would only remain the acetylcholine. To have a balance you need both an inhibitory and an excitatory NT. Not too good of a balance in between, nor glutamate, neither gaba may be so happy, not even the three life tasks (according to Adlerian psychology) will be taken care of properly.

Are bad people born bad? Are serial killers born bad? Intelligent? Smarter than those surrounding them? Are any of us born good? And is empathy something that can be learned? And if it would be learned, would it be natural – or forced – or would it mean something more to the so called human behaviour one is supposed to have?

What differentiates two people and two situations? Why at one particular moment, one encounter can change one’s being for good and several things at different moments have a lower impact on another? Is it the IQ, the way they were raised, an imbalance of hormones or neurotransmitters, a bigger desire towards something – if so, influenced and inclined how?

For example. Let’s take the case of Richard Ramirez – a serial killer from Texas, “working” around the 80’s (not so much related to the content, only to the period and maybe a slight reference, just a quick recommendation: Una giornata particolare {77’s} with Marcello V.D. Mastroianni along my observation that I dislike it so much when I am trying to find an old movie and there is no trace of it – something like the search of a serial killer ☺)

Treated poorly by his dad, poorly as in being tied to a cross in a graveyard, overnight, to punish him. Also, his cousin killed his wife in front of him when he was 13 years old. Of course, little do we know of the many other things that have been going on.

Just as little do we know even right in this moment, as so many things are right beneath our eyes, yet not exactly. While in front of us, there is a child yelling to his parent or the vice-versa, while we just stand there and judge the one doing all the yelling, just as we create the picture of the words read from a book, just like that things can be totally different from what we perceive them to be.

Sometimes, it’s all in the perspective ~So what’s it gonna be?


  1. Yes you are… but it gets really philosophical because who are we to decide what good is and what isn’t… its a every interesting debate. But you’re right… good is when no one is being harmed in any way

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  2. first of all thanks for the interest shared on my post ♥ yes you are making sense. but in the very end, how can we really know that the good we do, is good until its base, and doesn’t do the smallest harm in other ways unknown for us? hope that i am making sense now too

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  3. That was an interesting read. I think humans are born with the “good” and “bad” thoughts. Before world war two, killing Jews in Germany was considered a good thing… and people were rewarded for exposing Jews… but then again some people went against ‘the law’ and they tried to save Jews- even though they were risking their own lives. This shows that people can tell right for wrong! I hope I’m making sense…

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