Just go out there ♥

Ask for the hour, for a cigarette, make a new friend, take a walk, see an old movie, breath in and breath out, have faith in yourself. I have and I don’t even know you, good soul. You do, so, what’s there to lose, if you don’t have what you’re looking for yet anyway? You can, we can and you// we will, soon enough. Just heal your wounds. Step by step.


Even if you feel like there is something to lose, if it hurts, if there is anxiety or if there are tears and pain or unsaid words or unspoken thoughts, go out there, make a good deed for all those wrong ones against you. Give yourself another chance. Try again. Maybe this time you will find yourself, instead of losing yourself once more. So defeat the pain, take the deep breath. Be the stronger one. Choose your better side.




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