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Friday Film Fun ♥

If yesterday i was playing a word game in order to open up to a touchy often encountered matter, today i will actually go straight to recommending a lovely classic! If there are some amongst you, sugars, that are familiar to old classics, then you must've heard of Godard, la nouvelle vague or Anna Karina.… Continue reading Friday Film Fun ♥

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LOVELY trip, lovely prolonged weekend. ❤

I love being surrounded by nature and well, a fresher air than the usual one at least. NATURE really makes anyone more peaceful and has somewhat a power on removing stress. THE rest stays in our power, so gather up, it's time for a mountain trip photodump. OR better, it's time for you to take… Continue reading LOVELY trip, lovely prolonged weekend. ❤

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DAY 4 – i’m off! ❤

hey sugars! tgif mood? HELL yes. TODAY me and a couple of friends will be leaving for a couple of days (back on MONDAY) AND we will be heading to the mountaaains. FRESH air, lots and lots of heat (yay…) and exercise 💪👣👥☁ any cool plans for these days? ^__^ FRIENDLY tip: watch it s… Continue reading DAY 4 – i’m off! ❤

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helloo kcal ❤

I love bread and butter pudding, whether in it’s most traditional form or modernised with trendy ingredients like Brioche or sour cherries. My go-to recipes are Nigella Lawson’s Caramel Crossaint Pudding or Gizzi Erskine’s Bailey’s Chocolate Croissant Butter Pudding from Gizzi’s Kitchen Magic. Both recipes feel rather extravagant, but you can never have too much […]… Continue reading helloo kcal ❤