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You don’t need a dress to be elegant ♥

You don’t need a dress to be elegant ♥ by zzoezu featuring drop earrings Emilio Pucci long sleeve top $880 – Dolce Gabbana lace slip $1,310 – SLY 010 lace blouse $405 – IHeart silk top… Continue reading

DIY [hair care] ♥

HAIR STUFF Hey there sugar! Thought I could make a post with some nice hair styles and some hair advice, masks and stuff. 🙂 Enjoy! DIY!  -masks time- So, one easy mask for… Continue reading

Greeny blue hair, Belgium air ♥

♥ – Bonsoir. Guten abend. Goede avond. Good afternoon, sugar. – ♥  there! Tuesday afternoon. In less than 24 h, I’ll be in the plane, preparing for a – hopefully – amazing first… Continue reading

Sweet vs Strong ♥

Sweet vs Strong ♥ by zzoezu featuring a bracelet bangle ONLY pink top $48 – Black tank $34 – Yves Saint Laurent skinny leg pants $2,725 – Alice Olivia flared skirt Converse canvas high top… Continue reading

Girly floral ♥

  Girly floral ♥ by zzoezu featuring panda jewelry Floral blouse Orla Kiely flower print skirt $285 – Ballet pumps Michael Kors monogrammed cross body purse $215 – White gold jewelry Panda… Continue reading

We love pineapples ♥

We love pineapples ♥ by zzoezu featuring Sugarhill Boutique Yves Saint Laurent white cotton tee Topshop gray sequin sweater Sugarhill Boutique sweater White top $37 – White slip Sweatshirts hoody… Continue reading

Dresses en vogue ♥

Dresses en vogue by zzoezu featuring a belted dress Valentino net dress $4,455 – Michael Kors belted dress McQ by Alexander McQueen tea dress L K Bennett side ruched dress $375 – Poem… Continue reading

New acquisition! ♥


Can’t say? Then do ♥

Sometimes, there are so many things that come to our mind in the blink of an eye and suddenly, our world gets flooded by both miserable and magnificent thoughts. We just can’ t… Continue reading

Sunday evening, daydream living ♥

Let’s just drink tea or coffee, draw, watch tv, read books and magazines and lie in bed forever. Smile, relax, block negatvie thoughts, get positive thoughts, clean your home, get rid of clothes… Continue reading

Winter posh… ♥

Yes, be classy Try be ballsy Don’t be cheesy Not so dizzy Be the lass you’d like to see From now on to infinity. Say it’s okay They don’t care anyway Don’t try… Continue reading