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Vegan journey – soon? Pt II ❤️

So, earlier today i posted about veganism. Here’s another one! With the main ideas summed up and made clear enough – after all, it is yours to decide.. First things first. Almost all… Continue reading

Tuesday – treat yourself! ❤️

Alriiighty – So when i visited this lovely city a few months ago, Besides the beautiful surroundings, i also found these lovely candele that float on water So of course i bought one!… Continue reading

Home – or not? ❤️

Hello, sugars. It’s sunday. 😊 i’m officially on my break now, one week – enough to deceive me to relax exactly when college Shall start again. Well, on the other hand – i… Continue reading

What did i do on the first day of 2018? ❤️

Well. We had fun. We went to the concert At midnight. Saw fireworks, ATE good foods, ofc drank champagne. Played Funny games, in two teams and So on. But, around 4 am we… Continue reading

May your weekend be fulfilled with bliss ♥

You are a shooting star no matter what ♥

It’s hard to write from a place of depression. Whatever anyone thinks they know about depression, they can really only know their own. Mine comes in many shades. This particular one is a… Continue reading

* to see * list, not excited. at all. ♥

Hello Friends! If you know me at all you know I am in full Halloween swing. I have been working on lots of looks for the 31 days of halloween and in prep… Continue reading

Busy as a bee ♥

Hello sugars. I have so many photos for you. Sooo much to post but so little time. i love being busy, but i hope that this weekend i will be able to catch… Continue reading

can this go into the * fan girling * area too? version 3.0 ☺ ♥

Date: 8.31.2017 Location: Royale Nightclub, Boston Band: Insomnium, Lacuna Coil, and Epica — Insomnium — Lacuna Coil — Epica “Ein Bier… bitte.” -cmb via Epica, Lacuna Coil, and Insomnium (8.31.2017) — Twisted Wood Images

friday * fan girling * version 2.0 ♥

via [HQ SCANS] EXO @ Lotte Duty Free Style Chinese Mar. Issue N°100 — EXOTIC PLANET

*still fangirling* ♥

Have you ever experienced being so consumed or infatuated with something to the point where those surrounding you become worried for your sanity? That’s where I currently am on my voyage into the… Continue reading