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Monday Morning Moccacino ♥

Hello sugars ♥ ☺ Long time no talk 😦 Things are crazy around here. I am craving for sleep so much haha, but every time i do get some free time to just… Continue reading

yup ♥

via When we move — Words to Love By

Friday fashion flic ♥

Hey there, long time no see. This is my W/F ’17 wish list. If you want some inspiration ceep srolling down. Lets start with clothes. First item on my “Wish list” is a… Continue reading

This premieres and also. . my college is about to start – should y check out these two in the future? ☺ ♥

As I am about to start college (medical student) soon, well, this premiere was suitable for my news, i guess. I am packing up, eating all i can, staying with my folks, i… Continue reading

Farewell ♥

Welcome, welcome! Fall is here and September has quickly come and gone. I’m still not over the fact that summer is over and I’m definitely not ready to accept the fact that another… Continue reading

I need this noww – moving mood on ♥

Vanilla Spiced Chai protein powder mixed with pineapple and apple juice for a chilled and refreshing morning juice. via Vanilla Spiced Chai Pineapple Protein Drink —

BTS – one bliss for every day of the week ♥

Howdy sugars! 🙂 Monday is up! But no worries, i got just the perfect bliss for this last week of September. You may or may not have heard about the worldwide phenomen called… Continue reading

Depression And Comfort Eating ♥

Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Instagram | Bloglovin’ The mysteries of depression may never be completely revealed, it could be an enigma that gives no hint of its origin forever more, or… Continue reading

WEEKEND vibes ♥

HELLO sugars. THERE are so many things on my mind right now, so much i would love to share with you, but there is so little time and lots to do. Thought that… Continue reading

ART and antique ❤

some of my all time fav places have been, by far, art galleries, museums and antique shops! the charm belongs where the mystery belongs and i think these two, art and antiques, have… Continue reading

MOLY monday ❤

hello sugars. IT s a new dawn, it s a new day. BLA bla blah. THE thing is to start fabulous, glorious, happy, positive and confident! SO, as i was taking a lovely… Continue reading