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sprinkle kawaii-ness like confetti ❤

you know those #studyblr or #studyspo insta posts? those hashtags are used when posting little kawaii (=cute jp.) NOTEBOOKS related to sth that person studies. SO, of course – thought i would officially… Continue reading

QUICK recommendation? ✔❤

HI sugars. SO you may already know i don’t usually do this kind of posts, but, from time to time, a little beauty tip doesn’t hurt, right? (: so! i received this gift… Continue reading

SEPTEMBER first, friday funday ❤

hello sugars. today’s BEEN quite a busy&lovely day, but i don’t now why, rn, i am feeling quite awful tho’. MAYBE it’s just the fact that i am tired or maybethe weather, although… Continue reading

Inspiration for the weekend ahead? ♥

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog to a point where social services may take it away from me until I prove I can still be a good and responsible parent to it;… Continue reading

Wednesday Wisdom – Vegans and Vegetarians, double v ♥

Late last night I posted an article on protein for my Ultimate Guide to Nutrients series. I know many of my followers are vegan or vegetarian. I also have members of my extended… Continue reading

TUESDAY, work, coffee and sweet treats ❤

SO, today i woke up feeling as sunny on the inside as the sun was shining. THUS, wanted to sweeten everybody around so i bought a big bag of raisins cookies and some… Continue reading

SATURDAY – self 시간 (sigan=time) ❤

hello sugars ❤ how are you handling the daily mess and the heat nowadays? – around here quite many people had some issues with the high temperatures, from what i have seen, many… Continue reading

Friday Film Fun ♥

If yesterday i was playing a word game in order to open up to a touchy often encountered matter, today i will actually go straight to recommending a lovely classic! If there are… Continue reading

RAINY tuesday ❤

GOOD morning SUGARS ❤❤❤🍯 and good morning DONUTS 🍩🍩🍩 it’s a beautiful rainy Tuesday morning, woke up a little dizzy, because i stood up a while last night and listened to the rain,… Continue reading

LOVELY trip, lovely prolonged weekend. ❤

I love being surrounded by nature and well, a fresher air than the usual one at least. NATURE really makes anyone more peaceful and has somewhat a power on removing stress. THE rest… Continue reading

DAY 4 – i’m off! ❤

hey sugars! tgif mood? HELL yes. TODAY me and a couple of friends will be leaving for a couple of days (back on MONDAY) AND we will be heading to the mountaaains. FRESH… Continue reading