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Friday, the 13th ♥

Hallo. This is one of the worst days ever. Firday, 13th, you really are unlucky. Right now i am just watching as some people that are dear to me slowly take other paths… Continue reading

World Elephant Day ❤️

Donate Donate to help raise awareness of the issues faced by […] — on DONATE – for the International Elephant Foundation — on

Wake up, seriously ❤️

Sometimes it gets harder to put that little red cute heart over there in the title, but i keep doing that as a signature and also, to remind about the love surrounding and… Continue reading

It’s short, is not so short anymore ♥

Hey there sugars, i know that i have literally just went over here and posted a few significant thoughts a lil bit earlier, but i have to post some more, i promise to… Continue reading

happy water day ❤️

don t forget to go on! and just .. don t spend so much water! and be a better person, while enjoying spring over here around the corner 🌞

Water and …. water ❤️

So! A few days ago, maybe a Week or So, after classes i been to this super lovely shop – from pepkor, a polish brand i think. And i found a super convenient… Continue reading

I have completely no idea what title to give this post ❤️

Hello there, sugars! For a start I am incredibly happy to finally, eventually, let you know that i survived all those exams and have started another busy, But beautiful year At the med… Continue reading

추석/ chuseok ❤️

Upcoming events – korean edition, of course 😂❤️ harvest festival and a three-day holiday in N and S Korea celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar on… Continue reading

Studying day ❤️

Hey sugars! Today it’s kind of my last day of studying… wish me Luck and pray for me and my dear colleagues!! NexT week is exam time! 💪🏼 enjoy your first day of… Continue reading

Sweet Tooth ❤️

Brunches ❤️