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TUESDAY, work, coffee and sweet treats ❤

SO, today i woke up feeling as sunny on the inside as the sun was shining. THUS, wanted to sweeten everybody around so i bought a big bag of raisins cookies and some macarons and well, everybody seemed so please with it! HOPE you have woken up as positive as you should sugar! Remember to… Continue reading TUESDAY, work, coffee and sweet treats ❤

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SATURDAY – self 시간 (sigan=time) ❤

hello sugars ❤ how are you handling the daily mess and the heat nowadays? - around here quite many people had some issues with the high temperatures, from what i have seen, many ambulances, too many, swear i have never ever seen that many - anyway, if it's not the heat, they will sure find… Continue reading SATURDAY – self 시간 (sigan=time) ❤

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Friday Film Fun ♥

If yesterday i was playing a word game in order to open up to a touchy often encountered matter, today i will actually go straight to recommending a lovely classic! If there are some amongst you, sugars, that are familiar to old classics, then you must've heard of Godard, la nouvelle vague or Anna Karina.… Continue reading Friday Film Fun ♥

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Can you see us? ♥

Hello sugars! Can you spot the movie/ series this line belongs to? Tip: The word 'ghost' is in the title and it is related to mediums, earthbound, spirituality etc. Anyhow, i just made a quick word game. I'm not going to talk about series {oops another hint}, although i am 100% recommending this show. The… Continue reading Can you see us? ♥