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Good morning Korea ❤

안녕 하세요. 아침 식사. Good morning. It's morning in Korea right now. Somewhere else might be the middle of the night and so on. Anyway, may the last week of June be the nice beginning of July. Inhale the fresh air, exhale stress. Smile. Be good. Be positive. Be you. Be strong. Be original. hope… Continue reading Good morning Korea ❤

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Sunday thoughts ❤

Well, hello, sugars!  I hope you had a blast this weekend, or at least managed to relax enough for the new week ahead. You know, blast doesn't really need to mean going to a fancy party where everybody is dressed posh and drinking alcohol in crystal glasses with olives in it, nor doesn't need to… Continue reading Sunday thoughts ❤

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waking up at 3 am – not always the devil’s hour, but maybe anxiety’s hour? ❤

Amanda DalbjörnAnxiety is waking up at 3AM in a pool of tears because you’re sure your brother is about to commit suicide even when he’s sleeping right beside you. You cry because even bad thing that has happened to him comes flooding right back and you feel like the person most responsible. It’s feeling like… via… Continue reading waking up at 3 am – not always the devil’s hour, but maybe anxiety’s hour? ❤

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Not the usual Tuesday post ❤

Source: Not the usual Tuesday post ❤ what to do if . . . Thing is, it’s also important how old your pipes are. This also could cause trouble, despite all the cleaning you do. So you might take into consideration renovations, too. Call a plumber. If you want to save money or the moment… Continue reading Not the usual Tuesday post ❤