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helloo kcal ❤

I love bread and butter pudding, whether in it’s most traditional form or modernised with trendy ingredients like Brioche or sour cherries. My go-to recipes are Nigella Lawson’s Caramel Crossaint Pudding or Gizzi Erskine’s Bailey’s Chocolate Croissant Butter Pudding from Gizzi’s Kitchen Magic. Both recipes feel rather extravagant, but you can never have too much […]… Continue reading helloo kcal ❤

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Friyay sweetener . . . ❤

. . . kind words and good vibes ❤  Respect those around you. Oh- and don't be stubborn, trust me. Be open minded and sensitive. First things first, it's a matter of respecting yourself too, by respecting others. It shows your principles as a good citizen and not only - says my mom.   If… Continue reading Friyay sweetener . . . ❤

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OREO FRAPPE and little talks ❤

It's okay to sometimes feel like doing absolutely nothing. It's okay to relax some days more than work. It's okay to be grumpy from time to time, as long as you aren't being (too) rude to somebody else. It's okay to eat something sweet if you feel like it.even if you are on a diet.… Continue reading OREO FRAPPE and little talks ❤