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Tarts, muffins and biscuits (but now, with less sugar!☺) ♥

Tarts, muffins and biscuits (but now, with less sugar!☺) ♥ – oh and – not your usual recipes tho – OK. So, this summer – or at least a little bit of it… Continue reading

What’s that one food that you do like, But your stomach doesn’t? ❤️

That one thing i would like to Eat – and actually do Eat rarely – tomatoes. But due to their acid composition, my stomach is a bit sensitive to them. But combined with… Continue reading

Sweet Tooth ❤️

Brunches ❤️

Good evening ❤️

Healthy pick: Smoothie or Tea? ❤️

Blissful ❤️

Thanks Mom for the shrimps!! 👏🏻❤️😍 knew you Could cook them this good!!

My kind of cravings ❤️

Super-easy-to-make-but-definitely-easier-to-intake ❤️

Hello there, sugars! This morning i woke up really hungry … and thought i would Eat something similar to yesterday’s tortilla, when, opening the fridge, i remember i have bought some avocado that… Continue reading

Smoothday ❤️

Saturday, mom’s pancakes ❤️

+a good horror movie before i go out with my pals before leaving somewhere calmer to study – The promise 2017, thai movie – yas, another asian movie