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Here are your thoughts before the new year ♥

So this shall be my last approach this year. And as much as i would’ve loved to make a post about foods or games or anything party related, this may not even seem… Continue reading

A banana drink with a ray of sun and a pinch of fatigue ♥

Hallo, sugars! ⛄ 🍪 🥛 ❄️ It’s Tuesday afternoon you can choose to read this or just scroll down to what was actually supposed the cute and short post I was thinking about*… Continue reading

Just a kind reminder before Christmas ♥

Hallo, sugars! Long time no see/ post and yes, that is entirely on me! Anyway, i can’t help but think that anyway, no one may be reading this, but i feel like posting… Continue reading

Say yes to green again – climate change strike ♥

It all started with her, Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg, a swedish activist, who took way more initiative than the rest of us.  Now, it is time for us to act, too. Find… Continue reading

Friday, the 13th ♥

Hallo. This is one of the worst days ever. Firday, 13th, you really are unlucky. Right now i am just watching as some people that are dear to me slowly take other paths… Continue reading

World Elephant Day ❤️

Donate Donate to help raise awareness of the issues faced by […] — on DONATE – for the International Elephant Foundation — on

Wake up, seriously ❤️

Sometimes it gets harder to put that little red cute heart over there in the title, but i keep doing that as a signature and also, to remind about the love surrounding and… Continue reading

Imperfect and inconstant ♥

Hey there sugars officialy i am on the first day of the summer holiday I am glad to have finished this college year so much better than the last one. The last two… Continue reading

Beautiful unknown weird people ♥

Sunday ♥ -morning, still- This week has started okeish in the first hours, continued dreaduflly horribly terrifying awfully and has all the chances to end up better than the first hours, guess what!… Continue reading

It’s short, is not so short anymore ♥

Hey there sugars, i know that i have literally just went over here and posted a few significant thoughts a lil bit earlier, but i have to post some more, i promise to… Continue reading

It’s short ♥

I think it’s about overthinking, but i will make it an exception and make it short. It amazes me how unseen people, happy, joyful, who seem to have it all put together, when… Continue reading