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Wednesday Wisdom ♥

Okay, so hey there, sugars! Today was such a tiring day. It is not usually like that, but today i changed my schedule a little and also, had to do a bunch of… Continue reading

Rainy friday + waffles to enjoy the sound better ♥

So many ideas cross my head as i am slowly moving my head towards the calling sound of rain, as i am gently taking another bite from some lovely waffles i made. I… Continue reading

Anzac Day ♥

 25 April – Just a few days left and here it is – Easter. (or at least for some) 🙂 But besides that, as i took a quick glimpse on my lovely Audrey Hepburn… Continue reading

Wednesday, what’s new? ♥

Hi there dear sugars! ☺ I know there has been so so long since i posted last time, so long that sometimes i even feel like i imagined having a blog and those… Continue reading

Throwback on a busy Tuesday! ❤️

Hello there! this week’s Tuesday was way more “approachable” let’s say – than last week’s. Anyway. This short and lovely thought came up to my mind as i was gently relaxing after such… Continue reading

Approaching – march 22 ❤️

okay so, quickly out and about, but on my way to letting you know about this mail i just happened to receive! 22 march – world water day so please, be kind enough… Continue reading

Blooming around the world on St. Patrick’s❤️

I can not truly believe how long i went by not posting anything here. Truth is i honestly had no more good enough ideas and when i did have them, i had no… Continue reading

Water and …. water ❤️

So! A few days ago, maybe a Week or So, after classes i been to this super lovely shop – from pepkor, a polish brand i think. And i found a super convenient… Continue reading

I have completely no idea what title to give this post ❤️

Hello there, sugars! For a start I am incredibly happy to finally, eventually, let you know that i survived all those exams and have started another busy, But beautiful year At the med… Continue reading

Studying day ❤️

Hey sugars! Today it’s kind of my last day of studying… wish me Luck and pray for me and my dear colleagues!! NexT week is exam time! 💪🏼 enjoy your first day of… Continue reading

What’s that one food that you do like, But your stomach doesn’t? ❤️

That one thing i would like to Eat – and actually do Eat rarely – tomatoes. But due to their acid composition, my stomach is a bit sensitive to them. But combined with… Continue reading