Rain + soup, treats after a busy day 👩🏻‍⚕️💚

Hanging out with my Pal this morning ❤️

And fortunately for me, this time he was really quiet, appearantly he was feeling himself too haha xD

Wednesday wisdom ❤️

Ice coffee or moccha?

27 August – Moon vibes ❤️

I spent this night At the hospital – contrare of what you may have believed, the following night, the medical urgencies were more pronounced, But this one was a bit chiller. Anyway! Did… Continue reading

Monday? No, thanks ❤️

Hello there, sugars! Yas, it may be monday today. Yet .. friday night and saturday night were a nit sleepless for me, as i (eagerly, volunteerly, happily) spent them At the hospital in… Continue reading

Tip of the day ❤️

Insta credits 😇

Calming debonair sennight (week) ❤️

Just A Peak Into My Photography

Better humans + better food ❤️

🔜 in other words, better food for better humans haha xD Today i was free from the hospital again, i thought this week i would do different than the last one, meaning that… Continue reading

Throwback to waffles, volunteering and whipped cream, my beloved ❤️

After a long busy day At the hospital ❤️