Throwback to waffles, volunteering and whipped cream, my beloved ❤️


After a long busy day At the hospital ❤️

Cactus lady on the go ❤️

Ready or not ❤️

Hi there sugars! Was it as rainy as here everywhere? 🤔☔️☂️ Sometimes i feel as if god would make the sky cry for/ because of us. Am i the only one? Back to… Continue reading

Balea ❤️

Back with a new fav thing of mine and maybe a good tip for you. Last night after the movie (been to mamma mia 2 – loved this one too) i been to… Continue reading

Good morning ❤️

🥑 Good morning, sugars! Well, it’s actually already past 12pm, So not morning anymore. But today – finally – i spent more time in the bed, cus i was alone and i didn’t… Continue reading

Throwback Thursday …. ❤️

To a lovely volunteering rainy day with my Cupid Gal and cheers to good ice cream stories 🥂🍻🍦🍦

Day II ❤️

Well, not So tired as yesterday, because this time i haven’t forgotten my keys So i did get home in time. Today i stayed with the best assistant ever – talked a lot… Continue reading

First day At the hospital ❤️

Finally – The adequate word to describe the feeling. After long walks and talks i finally got myself into the psychiatry domain. Hope i made a good impression – the universal after thought… Continue reading

Tuesday (frappe) treat ❤️

One of my all time favs ❤️❤️ frappes! Whether it’s a classic one, ice cream one or caramel/ strawberry, that will definitely be the first thing i order from the menu, maybe the… Continue reading

Coffee to go ❤️