Day II ❤️

Well, not So tired as yesterday, because this time i haven’t forgotten my keys So i did get home in time. Today i stayed with the best assistant ever – talked a lot… Continue reading

First day At the hospital ❤️

Finally – The adequate word to describe the feeling. After long walks and talks i finally got myself into the psychiatry domain. Hope i made a good impression – the universal after thought… Continue reading

Tuesday (frappe) treat ❤️

One of my all time favs ❤️❤️ frappes! Whether it’s a classic one, ice cream one or caramel/ strawberry, that will definitely be the first thing i order from the menu, maybe the… Continue reading

Coffee to go ❤️

Sunday: paella and Croatia – updated ❤️

Hello there, sugars! I am At my folks right now, Mom made me paella with sea food. And yes it tastes damn good! And yup, i got animal print flip flop, probably one… Continue reading

Sunday funday … and cafes to go ❤️

G’morning ❤️

Living in the mouth of a shark: We are all refugees ♥

Hello sugars! Managed to skip a few tasks and take a longer break, but this time, to write another article! Here you go, piece by piece. Honestly written, honestly desired to be your… Continue reading

When you’re *dieting* …. ❤️

Hello there, sugars! Midnight, But still that won’t stop me from eating this goodie. Although, i wonder how i will Look in my new scrub afterwards. 😅😆😵😱 Okay, But then, there are those… Continue reading

Friday mood ❤️

I don’t usually do Pink, But this time thought .. wine not? 🥂

Wednesday wisdom early dose ❤️

It’s only seemingly the middle of the week, yet, it’s still a perf timing to do something you were procastinating for the NexT monday, you know it as well. And yes, this looks… Continue reading