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The charm is in the mystery ❤

You are not alone ❤

Well, hello, sugars. 🙂 This is just a totally random friendly reminder of the fact that you aren’t alone. You aren’t odd, nor inappropiate. Maybe you can be clumsy sometims, so what?! We… Continue reading

Trick r Treat ❤

Trick r Treat by zzoezu featuring Cricut Long Sleeve Pumpkin Print Halloween Dress 80 RON – rosewe.com Socks 45 RON – hottopic.com Giuseppe Zanotti black ankle boots 1.725 RON – theoutnet.com AKID mens slip on shoes 415 RON – revolve.com Boohoo… Continue reading

Weird around you ♥

“I feel really assured by the fact that the women I have loved I have loved for always.” Alain Badiou Have you ever wondered what ‘love’ really means? Is it just a word?… Continue reading