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Comic con, part 1 ❤

Hello there, sugars! I hope your weekend was nice and long enough for you to relax and manage to finish pretty much all you wanted to do. 🙂  Now, i don't know if you are a gamer or a fan of any comics, anime or series such as Game of Thrones. I am i am… Continue reading Comic con, part 1 ❤

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Can i get into that (w)orld too? ♥

Well, hello sugars. 🙂 Brief review and recommendation on the way ♥ This time, i will talk about the latest kdrama I am currently watching. It's been quite a while since I have watched a kdrama and the time hasn't given me a fair break either, so I just kept on watching my short american… Continue reading Can i get into that (w)orld too? ♥

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Mid day post, sugars ❤

Well, hello. Took a little break and thought i could post something quick and motivational. So, as you know i am a big sucker for the asian culture, especially korean, here you are some of my favorite words to go by ❤ tho', i wouldn't say i am too good at korean, oh no, by… Continue reading Mid day post, sugars ❤

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Rogue one: a star wars story 2016 ❤

And here is another recommandation. This is one of the new movies i saw last week, but didn't have time yet to post about it. Well, there is not much to say, we all know about the Star Wars fanatic love through out the whole world, all i have to add is that this is… Continue reading Rogue one: a star wars story 2016 ❤

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The great wall 2016 ❤

Well, hello!  This week is over. . . Yay or nay?  Anyways, here is a quick movie recommandation to help you chill meanwhile. . . This is the movie is saw a couple hours ago. The great wall starring Matt Damon amongside Tian Jing. A great chinese kind of movie, catchy lines, great scenario, amazing… Continue reading The great wall 2016 ❤