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beware, it’s the donut invasion ❤

Hello there! hope your weekend was as great as mine, looking forward to a week at least as better as this one! always start with positive thinking and things should go as planned… Continue reading

Coffee or tea?❤


All alone ♥

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Any ideas who said that? You guessed well, Eleanor Roosevelt, the first lady of US, politician, activist, diplomat. Later, she also had the privilege,… Continue reading

Let’s eat healthy ❤


Roses ❤

Cactus power. Flower power ❤

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Kaiho ❤

Finnish. Involuntary solitude.

A joke to start with for the next week ❤

Tea or war? ♥

I love tea, As you can see, This is my post, No war, make tea. :3 We are who we are for lots of reasons, maybe we’ll never know most of them. Deal… Continue reading

Tea time ♥

♥ ♥