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Cheers to rainy days ♥

These days, i love them. I just feel like walking all day through this amazing rain, feel its petrichor and fade away… or just sit at home, by the window, just admiring the sweet… Continue reading

May blog challenge ♥

.   NaNa & CoCo [a few of them ♥] my boots ♥ my beanies ♥ my floral jeans and my skulled scarf ♥ Stephen King & Taichi Yamada Spring breakers & Now you… Continue reading

February blog challenge ♥

HEY SUGAR! how comes that only through some cables, the tv shows us colourful images and how does the radio make noise, tho’? what’s different and weird when it comes to… me? what’s… Continue reading

You smile, I smile ♥

☻ 7 steps to change the rest of a bad day into a good one… or change a good day into a great day, it depends. One for each day☺   STEP 1… Continue reading

Is it Christmas yet? ♥

ho ho ho! That’s what my screen locker says to me and that is what i’ll be saying to you right away. So, this post will be the one that will give you… Continue reading

It’s been waiting plucky ♥

Caught up in the delay of time, White snowflakes and shiny lights The snow queen of these white nights Plucky waiting, all this time. Gathering within the land Whitening the paths and end… Continue reading