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Neat rain ❤

🌂 I just love rainy weather. #wheneverwherever I love all the rain, the empty streets, walking through rain and losing track of time. Simple things that make my day. 😻☔ Even so, i… Continue reading

Let’s eat healthy ❤


Royal old buildings. ♥

Under this big’o’sky, we just make our tiny steps, surrender our hurts, fight the nature, on our way to fighting and finding ourselves. Whether we are or we aren’t designed for happiness, love… Continue reading

Roses ❤

Ingenuous ❤

Philocalist . Noun . Someone who sees and appreciates beauty in everything .

Spring blossoming. ❤

Kaiho ❤

Finnish. Involuntary solitude.

Quote of the day ❤

10 day Challenge! ♥

Let’s learn how to be happy ♥

how to be happy at work wake up with 2 hours before you need to leave, so you’ll have plenty of time for a shower – it’d better be cold so you’d wake… Continue reading

Is it Christmas yet? ♥

ho ho ho! That’s what my screen locker says to me and that is what i’ll be saying to you right away. So, this post will be the one that will give you… Continue reading