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LOVELY trip, lovely prolonged weekend. ❤

I love being surrounded by nature and well, a fresher air than the usual one at least. NATURE really makes anyone more peaceful and has somewhat a power on removing stress. THE rest stays in our power, so gather up, it's time for a mountain trip photodump. OR better, it's time for you to take… Continue reading LOVELY trip, lovely prolonged weekend. ❤

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Retrospect, 20th May, museum night ❤

SUGARS ^__~ Three museums, long walks, beautiful night, after a really busy and hard, but beautiful and productive, at last - wouldn't have believed!  The history museum Art museum Science museum Would've gone to the oil one too. Always wished to see it, but appearantly i will have to wait a little loner, as it… Continue reading Retrospect, 20th May, museum night ❤

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You are not alone ❤

Well, hello, sugars. 🙂 This is just a totally random friendly reminder of the fact that you aren't alone. You aren't odd, nor inappropiate. Maybe you can be clumsy sometims, so what?! We all have our moments, all you have to do is open the door to your own path and let the sun shine… Continue reading You are not alone ❤

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Sweet home, indeed ♥

Well, hello.   Hello hello my dear sugars. - just so you know, i call you sugars to show my love for the lovely people who find time to read my thoughts, view my photographs and share their time with me through my posts, but i would so eat a big bag of chips right… Continue reading Sweet home, indeed ♥

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Good food for a good day ❤

well, hello there, sugar! i think it has been a long long time since i haven't actually written a proper post guys. Sorry - not sorry. . .?! i promise that one day i will make time to tell you lots of ideas that i was careful enough to note down and all the things… Continue reading Good food for a good day ❤