Spring outfits: yellow or black? ❤

I am not quite excellent at this fashion posts, but meh, from time to time, you got to try something new. So. Here i go. Thought i would re new my wardrobe, as spring is already here. And, i think that pastel and neon colors are a good choice, if you have the proper attitude… Continue reading Spring outfits: yellow or black? ❤

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Caramel sweet biscuit ❤

Today it's going to be a long, but lovely day. 🙂 First, i have a course i have to attend, all morning. After that, i am meeting some old friends of mine and we will have to catch up a lot, sincer we haven't seen each other for more than a couple of months. :-)… Continue reading Caramel sweet biscuit ❤

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Christmas, rewind ♥

Well, hello. Thought we should rewind a little and have fun enjoying some of my old old but hopefully still gold Christmas related post.  I may have changed quite a lot, since nor do i remember some of these. Let's get on reading and put on the holiday mood! merry-christmas-merry-chaos-merry-people sunday-goodies-after-christmas christmas-blog-challenge is-it-christmas-yet christmalicious burlesque-black… Continue reading Christmas, rewind ♥


Cookie swap, sugars ♥

So, for this Christmas, why don't you invite a couple of friends at your house to have a cookie swap? You can do this to simplify everything at your Christmas party. So I'm going to show you how to do your wonderful cute get-together. ~Step 1.  Invite sugars! First of all, you have to pick… Continue reading Cookie swap, sugars ♥

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Mars cake ♥

      easy recipe   120g Margarine 4 Mars Bars or a supermarket equivalent 150g Milk chocolate 300g Rice Crispies or a supermarket equivalent   Cut the Mars Bars into small slices and melt with the margarine in a glass bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Take off the heat and mix in… Continue reading Mars cake ♥