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Sunday thoughts ❤

Well, hello, sugars!  I hope you had a blast this weekend, or at least managed to relax enough for the new week ahead. You know, blast doesn't really need to mean going to a fancy party where everybody is dressed posh and drinking alcohol in crystal glasses with olives in it, nor doesn't need to… Continue reading Sunday thoughts ❤

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Another Friday fact ❤

Well, hello. First, something out of context - there are so many people, including each and one of us that should be appreciated almost equally to those who have really had the chance to influence this world in a grand manner; some have the luck to be born rich, some really talented, some have the… Continue reading Another Friday fact ❤

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Tradition thursday ♥

well, hello. do you guys have a weekly traditional dinner? yes, as those seen on movies. Gilmore girls friday night dinner well, if not, thursday is the perfect time to have one! Maybe not everyone is used to eating with their family or some aren't used to eating with somebody at all, but sometimes, just… Continue reading Tradition thursday ♥

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Blue monday ♥

Well, hello. quick question! why settle for this. . when you can be open minded and settle for optimism? So, get up! It's time to change your life and the life of others step one. Stretch. And smile. And then rewind. step two.. Always dress up just as you feel. Forget about the weather forecast… Continue reading Blue monday ♥