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Cozy weekend outfit ❤

Fav thing of the day ❤

Oh, Georges – energy for a (blue?) Monday ❤

ps: thanks mom! ps 2: thanks Georges company for existing! ps 3: how many would be enough for that proper energy . . . Hmm ps 4: song of the day – monday… Continue reading

Details ❤

Comic con, part 2 ❤

My favorite game of the day ❤ This one piece of asian sweetness!!! It can only be played in two, despite other games. But believe me, once you are caught in its madness,… Continue reading

Nature escape ❤

Hey you! Yea, you. You know what is really great and breath taking? No, not exactly the money. The fashion or material things. I mean yes, they are important. But they don’t do… Continue reading

Spring outfits: yellow or black? ❤

I am not quite excellent at this fashion posts, but meh, from time to time, you got to try something new. So. Here i go. Thought i would re new my wardrobe, as… Continue reading

Currently … ❤

Sunday demands for another quick movie besides anything else!  Here’s my suggestion. Enjoy the movie Enjoy sunday Enjoy your life And be the change. Hope dream wait, always Take care, xx  Zoe xD

Friday, my cup of tea ❤

I remember how mom and grandma always tried to make me drink tea when i was sick, thus, i always thought about illness when i heard anything about tea. Tho’, somehow, i started… Continue reading

Insta diary ♥

Frida Friday 2 ♥

well, hello, amazing paintings! the two fridas what the water gave me self portrait as a tehuana my dress hangs there self portrait with loose hair and my fav one thinking about death… Continue reading