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Banana and chocolate muffins ❤

Here is another gret yummy, yet healthy muffin recipe for you guys! 🙂 easy, fast and tasty! ❤ Now, here are the ingredients. You can add or remove some by your own preference.… Continue reading

Raisins and chocolate chips ♥

Annyeong- haseyo sugars.! Long time no blogginaround, right? Well, now i have a new muffin recipe for you, all easy and sassy! Just some chocolate chips and some raisins in a soft dough… Continue reading

Baklava ♥

hello sugars!  here is the second cake me and mom got for you, and for our Christmas, ‘course! Let’s get going ❤ It’s called `baklava`, characteristic to the Ottoman Empire cuisines.  Ingredients: 600g… Continue reading