It’s a window situation ❤

Sorry for not posting, these past few days. I have been quite busy and to be honest, even on my free moments, my inspiration was down. I was so tired that i was even lucky that breathing comes involuntary, because that would've been a killer to do too.  I have some exciting post ideas coming… Continue reading It’s a window situation ❤

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Retrospect ♥

- just some old photos from an old account of mine - - enjoy - - and don't forget to hope dream wait ♥ - - take care - - xx Zoe -

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Another Friday fact ❤

Well, hello. First, something out of context - there are so many people, including each and one of us that should be appreciated almost equally to those who have really had the chance to influence this world in a grand manner; some have the luck to be born rich, some really talented, some have the… Continue reading Another Friday fact ❤

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Movie and sweet treat ❤

After a busy wednesday full of wisdom 😁 time for a sweet snack and a movie at the cinema. . .yes, one of those movie everybody has been waiting around - 50 shades darker. . .  Hope it will be as expected. Have a great Thursday ahead, sugars!  ^_^

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Merry Christmas ❤

💝🎅 merry christmas to you all, from my folks, to yours! this has all the potential needed to be a great one, i hope you feel the same! This Christmas day is going to be a great one, it's time to make a change, to be a better you, a better me and to cherish… Continue reading Merry Christmas ❤