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Merry Christmas ❤

💝🎅 merry christmas to you all, from my folks, to yours! this has all the potential needed to be a great one, i hope you feel the same! This Christmas day is going… Continue reading

Comfort zone – in or out? ♥

Well, hello. I keep on hearing about this comfort zone. But do we truly know its meaning?  The comfort zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person and… Continue reading

All alone ♥

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. Any ideas who said that? You guessed well, Eleanor Roosevelt, the first lady of US, politician, activist, diplomat. Later, she also had the privilege,… Continue reading

Loading… ♥

A lot has passed, Now there’s just a few The rest is loading, The changes, too. Here comes the winter, Here comes the cold, There are the sweaters Now let’s get them on.… Continue reading

Home: nature ♥

Perhaps strength doesn’t reside in never having been broken, but in the courage to grow strong in the broken places. So go find your way, your home, your family and turn over a… Continue reading

An unexpected doggy meeting ♥

Hey there sugars! This will be a read-and-cry type of post, unless i refrain. 🙂 A few days ago, while i was walking, after a rainy moment [my favourites!], I saw a snail on… Continue reading

May blog challenge ♥

.   NaNa & CoCo [a few of them ♥] my boots ♥ my beanies ♥ my floral jeans and my skulled scarf ♥ Stephen King & Taichi Yamada Spring breakers & Now you… Continue reading

Raisins and chocolate chips ♥

Annyeong- haseyo sugars.! Long time no blogginaround, right? Well, now i have a new muffin recipe for you, all easy and sassy! Just some chocolate chips and some raisins in a soft dough… Continue reading

Let’s learn how to be happy ♥

how to be happy at work wake up with 2 hours before you need to leave, so you’ll have plenty of time for a shower – it’d better be cold so you’d wake… Continue reading

February blog challenge ♥

HEY SUGAR! how comes that only through some cables, the tv shows us colourful images and how does the radio make noise, tho’? what’s different and weird when it comes to… me? what’s… Continue reading

Baklava ♥

hello sugars!  here is the second cake me and mom got for you, and for our Christmas, ‘course! Let’s get going ❤ It’s called `baklava`, characteristic to the Ottoman Empire cuisines.  Ingredients: 600g… Continue reading