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27 August – Moon vibes ❤️

I spent this night At the hospital – contrare of what you may have believed, the following night, the medical urgencies were more pronounced, But this one was a bit chiller. Anyway! Did… Continue reading

2 things for 1 good day ❤

Charge Up, new Forces Are On their Way. Today Is A full moon. Have A great Thursday And Let your Spirit Release The Anger. Hope Dream Wait – ❤ –

It’s a window situation ❤

Sorry for not posting, these past few days. I have been quite busy and to be honest, even on my free moments, my inspiration was down. I was so tired that i was… Continue reading

Insta diary ♥

Midnight thoughts ♥

Darkness – surrounding all kind of feelings tears fall on the cheek. The night comes Silence – the moon is up Today is gone. Dreams upon us Contain the world Ruling the ephemeral.… Continue reading

Let’s play role games ♥

Witching hour ♥ by zzoezu featuring cosmic jewelry Arosha Luigi Taglia yellow gold ring $1,570 – boticca.com C Wonder evil eye jewelry cwonder.com River Island bracelet jewelry $28 – riverisland.com Cosmic jewelry amazon.com Hippie ♥ by zzoezu… Continue reading

A lazy Sunday before a beautiful Monday ♥

“When life gives me lemons, I give myself a tea.” This weekend was real fun and busy, also. I started it awesome, from Friday, even! My Halloween was pretty cool! Hope yours too.… Continue reading

It’s another Halloween delight ♥

check out more on my instagram profile: @zoeandthepeanutbutter !

Fish are fish and humans are monsters ♥

Lovely creatures – praying for the moon Hiding from the day, diving away. Underwater stay, searching for their way Like our life without a story,  A fish without sea tides… While we die… Continue reading

Let’s be free ♥

why do we close our eyes when we sleep? when we cry? when we dream? when we kiss? the only one who still needs to discover your beauty, is that face you see… Continue reading

I am starry eyed… ♥

witching hour