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Dreaming of . . . ❤

Good night! ~~ before sleep thoughts: ugh too much to do tomorrow, why didn't i do anything todaay? ; i need to make a new cupcake/ muffine recipe ; i need to read those 2 new books ; i have to visit my neighbour ; call A. and meditate/ relax/ gain more confidence. ~~ Good… Continue reading Dreaming of . . . ❤

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Midnight thoughts ♥

Darkness - surrounding all kind of feelings tears fall on the cheek. The night comes Silence - the moon is up Today is gone. Dreams upon us Contain the world Ruling the ephemeral. In my dreams - I shall find you You shall find me. Eyes - no longer true No longer happy Ephemeral drops.… Continue reading Midnight thoughts ♥

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Bunshinsaba – 2004 ❤


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A lazy Sunday before a beautiful Monday ♥

"When life gives me lemons, I give myself a tea." This weekend was real fun and busy, also. I started it awesome, from Friday, even! My Halloween was pretty cool! Hope yours too. Pizza & beer, just two words to describe it haha xD Then, saturday - another perfect day to spend with family... and… Continue reading A lazy Sunday before a beautiful Monday ♥