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Saturday, mom’s pancakes ❤️

+a good horror movie before i go out with my pals before leaving somewhere calmer to study – The promise 2017, thai movie – yas, another asian movie

16 things to do in Brasov ❤

Recently, i have travelled to Brasov, the  great Hollywood of Romania. One of the most beautiful cities, where you can find a variety of people, of styles, truly amazing architecture, lovely antique stores,… Continue reading

Insta diary ♥

Christmas, rewind ♥

Well, hello. Thought we should rewind a little and have fun enjoying some of my old old but hopefully still gold Christmas related post.  I may have changed quite a lot, since nor… Continue reading

Cream & Choco roll ♥

Hey there sugars! Bonjour, annyeong-haseyo, gut, nihao, konichiwa! ♥ welcome to another episode of … Well, cooking stuff’ies!   So, I wanted to end this lovely week, and lovely Sunday with a … lovely… Continue reading

30 minutes pancakess! ♥

♥ Bonjour jeudi! Bonjour mon sugars! Yesterday, I woke up with an insane pancake craving.  So I got up out of bed at 8 – 9 am,  even though I had an insomnia again and started… Continue reading