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Feelings ❤

You Talk to me with words I look at – you – with feelings Advertisements

Tante ❤

Chinese. A mixture of feeling uneasy and worried.

Cogito ergo sum ♥

There is a new week on the long run. A new monday and new beginning. Motto of this week, that I want you to remember: You matter. And you are still beautiful. ♥

Merry christmas, Merry chaos, Merry people ♥

  Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days, recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth, and transport the traveler back to his… Continue reading

Abducted by sadness no infinite. ♥

condition of life, in a nutshell of my own: I will hurt you and you will hurt me. That is how it works, they said. -To become spring, you have to consider the… Continue reading

We’re all inside the same team ♥

✒Don’t ever let someone make you feel inferior without your will, in order to be in someone’s life until that momet when everything will transform into a big pack of lies. That’s often… Continue reading

Beautiful things ❤

So many beautiful things that we forget to cherish or search about. Life has more meanings than we allow yet none. We search for the truth but yet always hide it.

A joke to start with for the next week ❤

Quote of the day ❤

Nihil bene vidi. ♥

Nothing good I saw. We were born sick. Malum in se. Why do we even live on this planet? How many have ever truly wondered that? How mant of us have ever truly… Continue reading

Have a nice weekend sugars ♥

10 things to do this weekend    At least 13 minutes of yoga. [~easy yoga, not hand stands or hanumanasana; but you could try dog or warrior pose] Watch a movie you wanted to… Continue reading