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Christmas, rewind ♥

Well, hello. Thought we should rewind a little and have fun enjoying some of my old old but hopefully still gold Christmas related post.  I may have changed quite a lot, since nor… Continue reading

Comfort zone – in or out? ♥

Well, hello. I keep on hearing about this comfort zone. But do we truly know its meaning?  The comfort zone is a psychological state in which things feel familiar to a person and… Continue reading

Monday chill out ❤


Baking cupcakes ❤


Banana and chocolate muffins ❤

Here is another gret yummy, yet healthy muffin recipe for you guys! 🙂 easy, fast and tasty! ❤ Now, here are the ingredients. You can add or remove some by your own preference.… Continue reading

Smoothies ❤

Hi there sugars! As always, i hope your week  started pleasantly, i hope you slept well and may you have another great week. For now, to erase any stress gained this second Monday,… Continue reading

Sunday goodies after Christmas ❤

Christmalicious ♥

Christmas it’s just around the corner, sugars! The time for lots of overwhelming traditions and heart warming moments 🙂  It’s time to give, receive, decorate, cook, relax, enjoy traditions and Indeed, everyday worries… Continue reading

Mars cake ♥

      easy recipe   120g Margarine 4 Mars Bars or a supermarket equivalent 150g Milk chocolate 300g Rice Crispies or a supermarket equivalent   Cut the Mars Bars into small slices… Continue reading

Chocolate muffins ♥

Hei sugars! Ready for my weekend recipe?! This time, i’ve tried something new! Chocolate dough + raisins and chocolate chips inside! (And a little sugar with cinnamon) You’ll need: 150g milk chocolate, 5… Continue reading

Just another fruity tart ♥

  Hey there sugars! I hope you are all fine and ready for a new tart! This time, this is going to be a three fruit type one 🙂 So, hoping you are… Continue reading