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Apricot fever ♥

It’s always good to have some jam in a jar, when hunger overtakes you, or when… winter overtakes all the fruits summer gives us 🙂 So, as my mother took the cooking love… Continue reading

Baklava ♥

hello sugars!  here is the second cake me and mom got for you, and for our Christmas, ‘course! Let’s get going ❤ It’s called `baklava`, characteristic to the Ottoman Empire cuisines.  Ingredients: 600g… Continue reading

Budapesta ♥

NO, NOT THE CAPITAL OF HUNGARY, YOU SILLY! THE CAKE ♥ Once again, my mom hit the spot. But, for this amazing Christmas – as I hope it will finally be, I really… Continue reading

Halloween delights part 2 ♥

-xoxo, Zoe

Baking my Halloween delights ♥

HALLOWEEN BITCHES IngredientS [for approx. 15 muffins/ cupcakes] 2 eggs 100g butter 1/4 spoon of salt one little bag of baking soda a small cup of milk 200g flour 150g sugar cinnamon and… Continue reading

Say yummy ♥

    smile today, smile tomorrow, cause the future becomes present every single second. and the present becomes past, as what we were thinking at in the past becomes future.

Banana. Cinnamon. Choco. ♥

♥ Ingredients for some yummy muffins. ♥ 150g sugar 200g flour 150g butter/ margarine 1  1/2 spoons of cinnamon 1/2 spoon of salt 2 eggs baking powder 2 smashed bananas 3 spoons of… Continue reading

Baking raspberry muffins ♥

Ingredients for some yummy muffins ♥ Pay attention, prepare, eat. ❤ 250g flour 150g butter 150g sugar two cups of raspberries 1/2 spoon of salt baking powder 3 eggs a cup of milk… Continue reading