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beware, it’s the donut invasion ❤

Hello there! hope your weekend was as great as mine, looking forward to a week at least as better as this one! always start with positive thinking and things should go as planned… Continue reading

Healthy snack of the day ❤

Mom’s healthy and totally delicious smoothie and my lovely neihgbour’s raspberry cream! yum ❤ Today’s smoothie: two oranges, a grapefruit, a tomato and a carrot #trytoeatclean

Clean eating ❤

One of my all time fav dishes will always remain pasta. Whether it’s spaghetti with sea food or vegetables or just simply spaghetti. Also, i think it’s a great meal for vegetarians too!… Continue reading

Friday fun, weekend mood on ♥

◘ Annyeong haseyo! Konnichiwa! Bonjour! ◘ These past weeks really got me busy and considering my insomnia, it was quite exactly what I needed. Even though I didn’t have so much time to… Continue reading

Monday chill out ❤


Chopsticks ❤


Banana and chocolate muffins ❤

Here is another gret yummy, yet healthy muffin recipe for you guys! 🙂 easy, fast and tasty! ❤ Now, here are the ingredients. You can add or remove some by your own preference.… Continue reading